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Friday, March 19, 2010

VP Joe Biden Tells Jake Tapper, "We're Going to Control the Insurance Companies" - Video 3/18/10

(NOTE: You have to wait a moment for the video to appear above)

In an interview with ABC's Jake Tapper, Vice-President Joe Biden just came out and said, "You know, we're going to control the insurance companies." He was telling Tapper some of what he is telling Democrats in the House to get them to vote for the Senate Health Care Bill.

Biden told Tapper he is confident that the bill is going to pass.

NOTE: As Biden's comment reveals, the Democrats want Government control of ever-inecreasing sectors of the economy. In the case of insurance companies, their real aim is to drive private health insurance out of business, so everyone will be forced into a "single-payer" totally government controlled health care system. Passage of the ObamaCare now will be but a foot-in-the door of that process.


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