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Friday, March 26, 2010

Video Shows Incident where Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Says He was "Spat On" at U.S. Capitol - Video 3/20/10

Here is video from last Saturday of the incident on the steps of the U.S. Capitol that has been described as Democrat Rep. Emanuel Cleaver being "spat on" by one of the anti-ObamaCare protesters.

You can see Cleaver and others approach the steps, and on the left side there are protesters yelling "Kill the Bill." One man has his hands cupped around his mouth and is clearly yelling. As Cleaver nears the man, he suddenly reacts as if he has been hit in the face. What is impossible to see is whether he was hit with saliva because the man was yelling, or whether it was intentional. Cleaver said to the man, "You spat on me," but he has also described it as the man "allowed his saliva to hit my face."

Cleaver has described the incident this way:

"I said to this one person, 'You spat on me.' I thought he was going to say, 'Hey, I was yelling. Sorry.' But he continuing yelling and, for a few seconds, I pointed at him and said, 'You spat on me.' "
"I would prefer to believe that the man who allowed his saliva to hit my face was irrational for a moment," Cleaver said.


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