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Friday, March 19, 2010

UPATED HOUSE VOTE WHIP COUNTS: Democrats Still Short But Gaining Some Ground

Here is a House Vote "Whip Count" Update from the sources we are following. Fox News is this morning that Democrats are only 1 vote shy of 216, especially with the announcement this morning by Ohio Democrat Rep. John Boccieri that he will vote "Yes." However, he was already a "leaning yes," so he really did not change the total that some have been keeping. The totals below don't show it within one vote, as Fox News is reporting:

Firedoglake.com (David Dayen) - 203 "Yes" to 211 "No" (with leaners) / 193-208 without "leaners"

Washington Post - 160 "Yes" to 207 "No" with 64 Undecided

NRCC Code Red - 203 "Yes" to 205 "No" with 23 Undecided (Updated 11:06 am ct)


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