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Friday, March 12, 2010

Stupak Says Democrat Henry Waxman said "We Want to Pay for Abortions" through ObamaCare - Audio 3/11/10

Here is audio of Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak saying yesterday that powerful Democrat Rep. Henry Waxman just came right out and told him that "we want to pay for abortions" with the Government Health Care Bill being considered in the House of Representatives. Stupak has a led a group of Pro-Life Democrats who say they will NOT vote for the Senate Health Care Bill unless the language in it is changed to forbid Federal Funding of Abortions.

President Obama has said repeatedly that he wants to abide by current law that forbids Federal Funding of Abortion, but it does not appear that is the truth, at least on the part of the Democrat Leadership in the House.

Stupak insists he will not "roll over" on this issue. He and others, he says, will stand on principle no matter how much pressure is brought against them to vote for the bill unless the language is changed.


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