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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sen. Arlen Specter Calls on Rep. Joe Sestak to "Name Names" if the Obama White House Offered a Job to Get Him to Drop Out - Video 3/9/10

Here is video of Sen. Arlen Specter calling on his Democratic Primary rival Rep. Joe Sestak to "name names, name dates, name places" if he truly was offered a job by the Obama White House in order to drop out of the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary race. Specter said if it actually happened, it is a serious federal crime:

"There is a specific federal statute which makes it a bribe to make an offer for a public office and when I was a district attorney if somebody came and told me that, I would say, ‘name names, name dates, name places.’ That’s a very very serious charge, it’s a big black smear without the specifications. But I’m telling you it is a federal crime punishable by jail, and anybody who wants to say that ought to back it up."


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