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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Report: VP Joe Biden Says Obama Administration Would Have Been "Absolutely Done" Had ObamaCare Failed to Pass - Video Report 3/25/10

Here is a video report on the news that Vice-President Joe Biden told people yesterday that if the Democrats had failed to pass ObamaCare, the Obama Administration would have been doomed.

Biden reportedly said:

"If we were unable to move the ball on this issue, not only in the political sense might we be dead, but in terms of being able to deal with other major issues on our plate, we would have been done. Absolutely done."

Fox News Bill Hemmer talks with Democrat Pollster Doug Schoen. He believes what Biden said is true. Schoen said Democrats will likely pay a high price in November for passing ObamaCare, but it would have been even worse had they failed to pass anything.


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