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Monday, March 8, 2010

Producer/Director Split Spills Onto Stage During Acceptance Speech at Academy Awards - Video 3/7/10

Here is video of a "Kanye West" moment at the Academy Awards last night, where a Producer/Director split spilled onto the stage during the Oscar acceptance speech for "Best Documentary Short." The winner was "Music by Prudence," and Director Roger Ross Williams came to accept the award and began his speech. He was quickly interrupted by Elinor Burkett, who had collaborated on the film with Williams.

Burkett later explained to Salon:

"What happened was the director and I had a bad difference over the direction of the film that resulted in a lawsuit that has settled amicably out of court. But there have been all these events around the Oscars, and I wasn't invited to any of them. And he's not speaking to me. So we weren't even able to discuss ahead of the time who would be the one person allowed to speak if we won. And then, as I'm sure you saw, when we won, he raced up there to accept the award. And his mother took her cane and blocked me. So I couldn't get up there very fast."


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