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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

President Obama Says ObamaCare will Reduce People's Insurance Premiums by "3,000%" - Video 3/15/10

Here is video of President Obama yesterday at his Ohio Rally where he told the crowd that passage of his Health Care Strategy will reduce insurance premiums by 3,000% in some cases.

3,000%? Isn't a 100% reduction free? Who in the world is silly enough to buy what Obama and the Democrats are selling? Once again, imagine if President Bush had said this. Would we be seeing it endlessly replayed on every network? Of course we would.

Via Gateway Pundit


Mark Fradl April 4, 2010 at 9:41 AM  

Golly, he accidentally said 3000% instead of $3000. Wow...what a scandal. You really got him there - he misspoke. Oh sin of sins.

And as for 57 states, he misspoke referring to the fact that he had campaigned in 47 states - but I love that the commenter had to go back nearly 2 years to find another misstatement.

Bush's were amusing by their sheer number, plus the fact that he was such an underperformer throughout his academic and business career.

People can disagree with Obama - even ascribe evil intentions to him (as they do)- but few serious people would argue he's stupid.

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