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Friday, March 5, 2010

President Obama is Promising Liberal Democrats to "Pursue a Public Option" After Passage of Health Care Reform Bill - Video 3/5/10

Here is video discussing news that President Obama is saying one thing to the public, and another to his Leftist Progressive supporters about the "Public Option."

Liberal Democrat Rep. Raul Griavlja said yesterday, after meeting with Obama at the White House:

“The meeting with President Obama today was productive and necessary, and I was glad to hear him speak frankly about where we stand on health care legislation. He said the public option – a well-known and long-standing progressive priority – lacks enough Senate support to be included in the final package. However, he personally committed to pursue a public option after passage of the current bill."

Obama is a Leftist ideologue committed to his agenda, whether the American People want it or not. He just wants to get some kind of Health Care bill passed and signed into law as a foot in the door to do later what he really wants to do - a total Government takeover of Health Care.


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