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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prager Tells Shuster, "There's a Cancer Afflicting the Country and You (on the Left) will Concentrate on Athlete's Foot" - Video 3/25/10

Here is video of Dennis Prager destroying MSNBC's David Shuster with his answer to a pathetic question intended to put Prager on the spot and smear him, as well as other conservatives.

Shuster asked Prager if he condemned the alleged call by someone to "break the windows of Democrat Party Offices." Of course, it was insulting to Prager to even be asked if he "supported" something like that.

Prager responded:

"What do you think? Do you think there is a responsible human right or left who supports violence in this country? Look, let me just say there are two things going on here.

(1) There are a handful of people on my side who are despicable, who do more good for you than Nancy Pelosi does. These people should be paid by you - of course I'm not implying you do this. But that's how harmful they are to the cause of repealing this terrible legislation. (2) You folks on the Left will focus on this rather than on the great issue of the insupportable debt America will carry and become like Greece. That's the big issue. There's a cancer afflicting the country and you will concentrate on Athlete's Foot."

Could not have been better said!


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