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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Politico Reports Democrats Plan to Use "Slaughter Rule" to "Deem" Senate Health Care Bill Passed without Voting on It

Politico is reporting that House Democrats are planning to use the "Slaughter Rule" to push the Senate Health Care Bill through. It is mind-boggling to even read the report, which Politico delivers in a totally matter-of-fact fashion:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told her members Friday to brace themselves for a climatic health care vote as early as next week, warning them to clear their schedules for next weekend and promising to stay in session until the landmark vote, people present said afterwards.

President Barack Obama has postponed an overseas trip until March 21 presumably so he can be in Washington for the climactic vote. Asked about the scheduling change, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, "I am delighted the president will be here for the passage of the bill. It is going to be historic."

In addition, it looks like House Democrats won't have to vote directly on a Senate bill they really don't like. The speaker hasn't made a final decision, but she told her rank-and-file during the meeting that the plan now is to craft a rule that would "deem" the Senate bill passed once they approve the package of fixes.

That means they would vote on the rule and the so-called reconciliation package, which would make changes to the Senate bill and only requires 51 votes to pass in the Upper Chamber. In addition, the package of changes would also include a student lending bill that was paired with health care through the reconciliation process, leaders told their members on Friday. . . . 

Pelosi reminded her members, as she frequently does, that she wants to make the whole process as quick and politically painless as possible, a person present said.

Otherwise, Democrats aren't expected to allow amendments on the final package, leaders told their colleagues Friday, as is typical on down-to-the-wire votes.

Once the bill is passed, the Senate bill will go to the president for his signature, and the Senate will take up the package of changes, the speaker told her members on Friday. . . . MORE
 If Democrats do this, it will undoubtedly be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court. It would be the first time in American History that  a President signed a bill into law that has not actually been voted on by both Houses of Congress. President Obama has to know they are planning to do this, and he MUST tell House Leaders they cannot do this. If he does not, he is complicit in their actions.

This is how despotism takes over in a country. When the majority think they are entitled to do as they please because they know better, they simply do as they please even if they have to trash the Constitution in the process.


Anonymous,  March 13, 2010 at 9:29 AM  

I'm a democrat, what makes you sure that Mr.Obama cares?

He is endorsing this. He already considers, proof is on tape, that the US Constitution is "fundamentally flawed", he has stated that the US Constitution made a mistake in "limiting governemental powers"

He did the same nonsense in the "democratic" primaries.

Mr. Obama doesn't care, and he himself is as close to a totalatarian as this country as ever seen.
He is fully endorsing this.

No wonder industries are now leaving this govt, they see its an unattractive place to invest, a rogue WH and Congress. (zerohedge.com has the details.)

Brian March 13, 2010 at 11:42 AM  

I'm afraid you are right. I was trying to give Obama the benefit of the doubt. He MUST tell Dem Leaders in the House not to do this. But it may very well be that it was his idea, or that he is in full agreement.

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