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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Obama Says with ObamaCare, "Nobody's Pulling the Plug on Granny" - Video 3/20/21

Here is video of the clip of President Obama today speaking to House Democrats on Capitol Hill where he said if the Senate Health Care Bill becomes law, "nobody's pulling the plug on granny."

No, a great deal of health care must take place - doctors, tests, procedures - at a very high level for granny to be on life support. If granny cannot get the doctors she needs because there is a shortage once ObamaCare becomes law -- If she does not get the tests she needs because she is deemed too old or too sick to spend that kind of money -- then granny may never get to that point. A rationing of care, brought on by shortages and long wait times is likely in all of our futures. Granny may never get admitted to the hospital, or have a chance at life support that could give her the chance to recover. But, of course, we will all have health care, won't we - such as it will be.


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