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Monday, March 15, 2010

Obama and Democrats Still About 12 Votes Short of Needed 216 to Pass Senate Health Bill in House

As Monday draws to a close, it appears that Democrats and President Obama are still about a dozen votes short of the 216 they need to pass the Senate Health Care Bill in the House.

FireDogLake's David Dayen is doing a great job of counting votes. He is posting updates about twice a day and even more often as he gets information. FDL and Dayen are liberals, and they want the bill to pass, which makes their numbers good to follow. Dayen seems to be working very hard to be accurate, and if they have it 12 votes shy, it's a good bet that's realistic. Dayen has the numbers at 204-208 with leaners included, and 191-206 without leaners. That means that only eight more undecided Dems are needed to move into the "No" column to reach 216, and prevent passage of the bill. Most believe that Pelosi will never bring the bill up for a vote unless she is sure she has the votes.


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