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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Video Parodies Medication Ad While Pointing Out "Side Effects" of ObamaCare

Here is a new video that parodies a medication ad while pointing out the "side effects" of ObamaCare.

"But ObamaCare became law. Now that's the pill I have to swallow."

  • Job Loss
  • Higher Premims
  • Higher Taxes
  • Higher Costs
  • Medicare Cuts
  • Expansion of Medicaid
  • Losing the Plan you Like
  • Special Backroom Deals
  • Small Business Penalties
  • Denial of Pre-Existing Conditions (Until 2014, even for kids)
  • Future Government Rationing
  • Investment Penalties
  • Loss of State Authority
  • Higher Deficits
  • Higher Debt
  • Individual Mandates with Tax Penalties


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