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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Says Obama Treatment of Netanyahu "Shameful"; "This is Our First Anti-Israeli President" - Video

Here is video of Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) on with Fox News' Megyn Kelly yesterday, where he said President Obama's treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier this week was "disgraceful. It was shameful."

Peters went on to say that President Obama "treats our enemies with greater courtesy."

He said "the vendetta from the White House against Israel" only emboldens the Palestinians and their Arab backers to make ever-wilder demands. "This is not diplomacy. This is something about a chip on the President's shoulder."

Peters said Obama wrongly raised Palestinian expectations last year with his Cairo speech. President Obama "refuses to understand" that Palestinians want the destruction of Israel.

He pointed out that Obama's entire life, he has been surrounded by Palestinian supporters and opponents of Israel - from William Ayers to Rev. Jeremiah Wright. President Obama "is our first anti-Israeli President. This is bewildering. It's astonishing."


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