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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Laura Ingraham Calls Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich the "Cheapest Date on Capitol Hill" After Vote Switch - Video 3/17/10

Here is video this morning of Laura Ingraham calling Ohio Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich "the cheapest date on Capitol Hill," in light of the news he was switching his vote from "No" to "Yes" on the Senate Health Care Bill. Kucinich was roundly criticizing the bill last week, and saying he would vote against it. But after a trip on Air Force One with President Obama, everything has changed.

"All you had to do was give him some of those paper napkins with the Presidential Seal on it, and a few jelly beans and M & M's with the seal on it. He's like, 'Last week I said this thing was a raw deal, I'm for it now. Could I have more of those napkins please?' I mean, it's embarrassing."


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