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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Latest House Vote "Whip Counts" Say Passage of Senate Health Care Bill Not a Done Deal

While Democrats in the House, President Obama, and even Fox News are acting like it is a done deal that the Senate Health Care Bill will pass tomorrow, there are still some signs that it may not be sewn up just yet.

Lefty blog Firedoglake.com has been keeping a very detailed "Whip Count" all week, and as of this evening, they still show this far from a sure thing. David Dayen has it 205 "Yes" to 207 "No", with 11 "Leaning Oppose" and just 9 "Unknown." If accurate, this would mean Democrats must win all 9 of the "Unknowns" tomorrow, and peel off at least two of the "Leaning Oppose." That would get the 216. Dayen believes most of the "Leaning Oppose" are in the Pro-Life "Stupak Block," which Pelosi has now broken off negotiations.

Here are the various "Whip Counts":
Firedoglake.com (David Dayen) - 205 "Yes" to 207 "No" with 11 "Leaning Oppose" and 9 "Unknown"

Washington Post - 184 "Yes" to 208 "No" with 39 Undecided

NRCC Code Red - 211 "Yes" to 211 "No" with 9 Undecided 

NRO (Jeffrey Anderson) - 208 "Leaning Yes" to 214 "Leaning No" with 9 Undecided.
I would note that since Anderson made his post, two of his "Undecideds" have come out as "No" votes (Jim Matheson and Zack Space). That would move his total to 216 "No" Votes - enough to defeat the bill.


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