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Friday, March 19, 2010

LATEST HOUSE VOTE "WHIP COUNT": Democrats Closer but Still Short

Here's the latest update on the House Vote "Whip Count" from several sources. They all show Democrats are still several votes short of having enough to pass the Senate Health Care Bill. A great deal is going on behind the scenes right now, including a rumored deal in the works with the "Stupak Pro-Life Block" of Dems to get their support. If that happens, it makes the "Whip Count" unnecessary.

Firedoglake.com (David Dayen) - 204 "Yes" to 211 "No" (with leaners) / 196-208 without "leaners"

Washington Post - 160 "Yes" to 207 "No" with 64 Undecided

NRCC Code Red - 204 "Yes" to 205 "No" with 22 Undecided 

Bloomberg Article - Dems short by six votes 

Fox News - Dems have 214 votes - two short


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