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Friday, March 19, 2010

Krauthammer Takes CBO Numbers on ObamaCare Apart; Fox News Panel Agrees the House WILL Pass Senate Health Care Bill - Video 3/18/10

Here is video of the "Fox News All-Stars" last night giving their take on the current state of the ObamaCare fight. Charles Krauthammer takes apart the latest CBO estimate on the legislation, showing why the projections that it will reduce the deficit are ludicrous. The numbers include 10 years of taxes and only six years of paying out benefits. Of course it's going to look like it reduces the deficit! If passed, the spending won't kick in until 2014 but the taxes begin right away. But what happens once the spending begins?!

At the end of the video, all three on the panel agreed that the House WILL pass the Senate Health Care Bill and it will become law.


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