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Friday, March 12, 2010

Krauthammer Says it Will be "Thermal Nuclear Option" if VP Biden Overrules Senate Parliamentarian - Video 3/11/10

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer saying that it will be a "thermal nuclear option" if Vice-President Joe Biden overrules the Senate Parliamentarian and allows the Senate to use "Reconciliation" to amend the Health Care Bill if passed by the House without it first being signed into law by President Obama. Krauthammer added:

"That will be a catastrophe if it is seen that the bill is pushed through by overruling a ruling of the neutral parliamentarian and passing what would otherwise be illegal."

The Senate Parliamentarian reportedly ruled yesterday that for the Senate to use "Reconciliation" to amend the bill once it is passed by the House, it must FIRST be actually signed into law by President Obama. It could then return to the Senate for amendment.

This issue is crucial because many House Democrats are reluctant to vote for the Senate Bill because it contains language that would allow Federal Funds to be used for abortions. Obama must convince these Democrats to vote for the bill on the promise it will be changed later by the Senate. But if Obama signs it into law without changes, there is really no reason left for changes to be made and those conservative, Pro-Life Democrats in the House could be left hanging out to dry.


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