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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Judge Andrew Napolitano Brings to Light Provision for a Military-Style "Health Care Reserve Corps" in New ObamaCare Law - Video 3/29/10

Here is Judge Andrew Napolitano on with Shepherd Smith to bring to light a little-known provision in the new ObamaCare Law that would authorize the President of the United States to create a 6,000 person "Health Care Reserve Corps." Napolitano is concerned by the language used in the law, because it uses "military language" that is extremely vague. According to the Judge, it would allow the President to create this separate corps, or "army," and the law says they will have the same training as the military. Napolitano said he does not believe the language of the provision is "well-intentioned" because of the use of the military terms.

The Judge said if the only use of it is for domestic situations, it is unnecessary, because the President can mobilize as many doctors as needed in a crisis. He pointed out that no one knows who put this in the bill, or why. There is no explanation or debate on it in the Congressional Record. It is just there.


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