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Monday, March 8, 2010

Juan Williams: Obama Presidency will be "Mortally Injured" if ObamaCare does Not Pass - Video 3/8/10

Here is video of Megyn Kelly talking with Stephen Hayes and Juan Williams on whether or not the Senate just might "double-cross" the House if the House of Representatives passes the Senate Health Care Bill. President Obama is trying to entice Senate Democrats to vote for the Senate Bill with the promise that the Senate would then "improve" the bill with amendments using the "Reconciliation" process.

But truthfully, once the House passes the Senate Bill, it can be signed into law by President Obama. They don't really have to make any more changes to the bill.

Williams said the House Democrats MUST trust the President and approve the bill or the Obama Presidency is over. Williams said Obama's Presidency will be "mortally injured" if he fails to get Health Care Reform passed.


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