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Saturday, March 20, 2010

If ObamaCare is Rammed Through Send All Health Care Complaints to White House Starting Monday! - Jim Geraghty

If President Obama and the Democrats succeed in ramming ObamaCare through the House on Sunday - which looks very likely - then starting on Monday, Americans will know where to send any and all complaints about Health Care.

Jim Geraghty, at The Campaign Spot, has summed it up superbly. Essentially, the Democrats will have to own what they are doing for the indefinite future. Anger will not subside, it will only increase:

But if it passes Sunday, as of Monday, if Americans have problems with their health care, they know where to send their complaints. If your premiums jump, thank most House Democrats, Senate Democrats, and the Obama administration. If your doctor takes early retirement, you know who to call. If you can't get an appointment because the system suddenly has 30 million new patients, don't blame the GOP. Patient care, premiums, what's covered, access to prescription drugs, the rate of innovation in new drugs and procedures, the out-of-date magazines in the waiting room — hey, it's all Obama's show now. We laid out all the reasons this wasn't going to work according to plan. (Exhibit A: Government programs never work according to plan.)

A lot of Democrats seem to think that they'll vote this into law, and then the anger will go away. Nope. In the months and years to come, they'll have the anger of the opponents and the anger of all the supporters who thought this would give them top-dollar care for low costs. . . MORE

Perfectly said.


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