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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

House Democrats Feel Justified in "Deeming" Senate Health Care Bill Passed because it Got "60 Votes in the Senate" - Video 3/16/10

Here is video from today of Democrat Rep. James Clyburn talking to Fox News' John Scott about Democrat plans to use the "Slaughter Solution" to pass the Senate Health Care bill. The use of a "self-executing rule" would allow the Democrats to vote on a package of fixes to the Senate Health Care bill, and include a rule in the package that would "deem" the Senate Bill to have been passed.

Clyburn said it was "nothing unusual" to use such a tactic, even though there is no example of a "self-executing rule" ever being used for something as expansive and massive as ObamaCare. Even liberal Democrat Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC admitted today that nothing like this has ever been done before.

Clyburn eventually revealed the real attitude of Democrats. He told Scott they have already gotten 60 votes in the Senate and can therefore just "deem" the bill to have been passed in the House.

Clyburn, the House Majority Whip, said they do not yet have the votes, but said he is confident "we will."


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