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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gov. Sarah Palin Says Obama is Showing His "Inexperience"; Showing He's In "Over His Head" - Video 3/19/10

Here is video of Gov. Sarah Palin last night talking to Greta Van Susteren about the battle over the Senate Health Care Bill in the House.

Greta said Democrats are right at the 216 votes needed for passage, but that it is really too close to call.

She asked Palin why it is so difficult for Obama to get this done, since he has such a large majority. Palin said it shows Obama's "inexperience," and that it is "over his head."

Palin said we will see over the next few days what kind of "deals" Obama and the Democrats are doing get this "scheme" passed. She said Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have not been "diplomatic," and have not been willing to work with Republicans to come up with a bipartisan, incremental approach to Health Care Reform.

Palin advocated letting individual states solve the problem of the uninsured rather than thinking the Federal Government "taking over" is the best way to deal with the problem.


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