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Thursday, March 4, 2010

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham Questions Who is Dumb and Dumber: House or Senate Democrats? - Video 3/3/10

Here is video of South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham last night explaining the dilemma House and Senate Democrats are faced with in doing what their fearless leader - President Obama - wants them to do. Graham explains that what has to happen for the Democrats to get the Government Health Care Plan passed is that the House must pass the Senate Bill word for word, with no changes. At that point, the House Democrats are just hoping their colleagues in the Senate will then use the "Reconciliation Process" to make changes to the bill that they want - which reflect their desires as expressed in the House Bill they previously passed. But as Graham points out, why would Senate Democrats want to vote to amend the very bill they already adopted, once it also passed by the House? Here is how Graham put it:

"They [House] gotta pass the bill that's written by the Senate word-for-word. The President signs it. Everybody says, 'Yay!' And House democrats have to assume that their democratic colleagues in the Senate through reconciliation are going to change the bill after it's a law and they didn't agree with the first bill to begin with. Who's the dumbest guy in town: the Senator who rejected the House bill to begin with who votes to change it back to the way they didn't like or the House guy who votes to send it to the Senate hoping the Senate will change it?"

Good question!


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