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Monday, March 22, 2010

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan Speech Prior to Health Care Vote: Says ObamaCare Leading America to Becoming "European Social Welfare State" - Video 3/21/10

Here is video of Rep. Paul Ryan yesterday giving his closing speech prior to the House vote, which passed ObamaCare legislation by a 219-212 margin. Ryan delivered an outstanding speech, in which he said passage of Government Health Care is a "tipping point" that is leading America down the path to becoming like a "European Social Welfare State. This is not who we are, and this is not who we should become."

The tipping point he mentioned specifically referred to the fact, he said, that we are fast approaching the moment when more Americans "depend on the Federal Government than upon themselves for their livelihood." Ryan called the attitude behind the legislation "paternalistic," "arrogant," and "condescending."


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