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Saturday, March 20, 2010

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan Gets Tag Teamed in Committee Discussion; "Slaughters" Clueless Dems - Video 3/20/10

Here is video of GOP Rep. Paul Ryan making House Rules Committee Chair Louise Slaughter look clueless as he clearly explained his plan today that would bring solvency to Medicare. Ryan had to take on both Slaughter and Rep. Xavier Becerra, who tried to tag team him because Slaughter was - well, getting "slaughtered," in trying to deal with Ryan on her own.

They first claimed Republicans had no plan for Health Care Reform or Medicare Reform, and when Ryan began answering Slaughter's question regarding what he would do about Medicare, he began explaining it in such detail and clarity that she tried to shut him up, and then appealed to Becerra for help when she could not.

Paul Ryan continues to impress. He is brilliant and is an excellent communicator. The sky's the limit for his future.


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