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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Glenn Beck Responds to James Cameron's Attacks - Video 3/24/10

Glenn Beck responds to James Cameron's accusation that Beck once called him the "anti-Christ." Beck read what he actually said 3 years ago, and it was obvious he was joking.


Anonymous,  March 24, 2010 at 9:34 PM  

Glenn Beck's lying. But, somehow, we knew that, didn't we? Beck wasn't joking about "Titanic" or Celine Dion when he called Cameron the "Antichrist" three years ago. "Titanic" came out in 1997, not 2007.

Here's the real story:

"Avatar" director James Cameron lashed out at Glenn Beck at a news conference Tuesday, offering to debate the Fox News personality on environmental and political issues.

Asked what he thought about Beck during a junket appearance in support of the "Avatar" home video release, Cameron said: "Glenn Beck is a f**ing a**hole. I've met him. He called me the anti-Christ, and not about 'Avatar.' He hadn't even seen 'Avatar' yet. I don't know if he has seen it."

Cameron was apparently referring to Beck's reaction to his 2007 documentary, "The Lost Tomb of Jesus," which casts doubt on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and makes the case that the ancient "Tomb of the Ten Ossuaries" belonged to Jesus' family.

After blasting Beck, Cameron, surrounded by journalists inside a West Hollywood hillside mansion, seemed to reconsider: "I think, you know what, he may or may not be an a**hole, but he certainly is dangerous, and I'd love to have a dialogue with him."

What makes Beck dangerous, THR asked Cameron at the junket.

"He's dangerous because his ideas are poisonous," Cameron answered. "I couldn't believe when he was on CNN. I thought, what happened to CNN? Who is this guy? Who is this madman? And then of course he wound up on Fox News, which is where he belongs, I guess."


Anonymous,  March 24, 2010 at 11:47 PM  

Obama is lying. But, somehow, we knew that, didn't we? When he said transparency he wasn't referring stuffing health care down a rat hole so nobody knows nothing... but that's what he did.

Here's the real story. Obama is too big to fail, so the Democats think. So what do they do? Strong arm tactics, backroom deals, bribes, and locking the Republicans out of the process. How does this relate to Beck and the Titanic? The Titanic thought it too was too big to fail. Obama, like the Titanic, is going down to Davy Jones Locker this Nov. with all hands on board. The Democrats will pushing their own grandmas out onto the ice flows to save their unworthy asses. It'll be a sight to see and Beck I'm sure will have lots to say.

Brian March 25, 2010 at 8:10 AM  

Anonymous #2:
Outstanding! Very impressive. Cameron is a profane skeptic. He will find out one day how wrong he is about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Anonymous,  March 26, 2010 at 5:20 AM  

Cameron's far far too busy pumping
out worthless franchise-slum product, and enabling the most awesomely genocidal regime in history ---in his 'fave' mass market
across the Pacific ---to have any time left for REALLY being the AntiChrist.

----Everyone RELAX!

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