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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dick Morris Sets Forth the Worst Aspects of Obama's Health Care Plan - Video 3/3/10

Here is video of Dick Morris on The O'Reilly Factor where he set forth the worst parts of ObamaCare that Democrats will try to ram through Congress.

Morris said the worst aspects are:

1. Obama will finance half of his ObamaCare legislation with $500 Billion in Medicare Cuts.

2. Obama will expand the number of patients by 30 million without any expansion in the number of doctors. This will result in a rationing of care. In fact, many believe there will be fewer doctors because many will retire or not go into the profession under a Government Health Care System.

3. Obama will raise taxes in the middle of a recession to help pay for his plan. Morris says the top bracket will go to 42.5%, Capital Gains to 22.5%, and Medicare tax would go to 3.5%.


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