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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dick Morris Says Obama's Wall Street Reform is "Pure Socialism"; Gives Treasury Secretary Powers "Even Castro Does Not Have" - Video 3/29/10

Here is Dick Morris on with Sean Hannity last night where he said that President Obama's Wall Street reform bill would give the Treasury Secretary powers that even Fidel Castro does not have in Cuba! Morris said it would give the Secretary the power to seize virtually any company if he deems it necessary.

"It's pure socialism in the United States. It gives the Treasury Secretary the power - in his sole discretion with no judicial review and no objective standards - the right to seize any financial business he wants simply because he thinks it's too big to fail and that it's in danger of failing."

Morris said the Democrats will be able to pass this, and pretty much whatever else they please with 51 votes, now that the "Nuclear Option" line has been crossed.


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