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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Democrats Vote 222-203 to Keep "Deem-and-Pass" Available for Sunday Vote on Senate Health Care Bill

Democrats effectively voted today by a 222-203 margin to move forward with their "deem-and-pass" (coming to be known as "Demon-Pass") rule to ram ObamaCare through the House of Representatives. Republicans had put forward a resolution to force a direct up or down vote on the Senate Health Care Bill, but it was defeated with 222 Democrats voting against the resolution. It now looks like Sunday afternoon or evening will bring a vote in the House on a package of fixes to the Senate Health Care Bill, with a provision that "deems" the Senate Health Care Bill to have been "passed" without actually being voted on.

Democrats shot down a Republican effort to force an up-or-down vote on the Senate healthcare bill on Thursday afternoon.

In a 222-203 vote, Democrats beat back a GOP resolution offered by Democrat-turned-Republican Rep. Parker Griffith (Ala.) that would have forced lawmakers to vote on the Senate healthcare bill separately from the series of fixes they hope to make to that legislation.

All Republican lawmakers who voted opposed the measure, which had the effect of ending the GOP's effort to force a vote. They were joined by 28 Democrats, who broke with party members on the vote.

Two hundred and twenty-two Democrats supported the measure, though — enough to proceed. Three members of either party did not vote.

Republicans had hoped for the separate vote to get Democratic lawmakers on record on the Senate bill, which includes some provisions on abortion, excise taxes and other issues that House lawmakers find distasteful.. . . MORE

Below are the names of Democrats who have said they are against ObamaCare or are undecided who voted with Pelosi today in favor of using the "Demon Pass" "Slaughter rule":

• Jason Altmire, Pennsylvania.
• John Barrow, Georgia.
• John Boccieri, Ohio.
• Allen Boyd, Florida.
• Leonard Boswell, Iowa.
• Joe Donnelly, Indiana.
• Brad Ellsworth, Indiana.
• Baron Hill, Indiana.
• Marcy Kaptur, Ohio.
• Dan Maffei, New York.
• Jim Marshall, Georgia.
• Jim Matheson, Utah.
• Michael McMahon, New York.
• Betsy Markey, Colorado.
• Patrick Murphy, Pennsylvania.
• Earl Pomeroy, North Dakota.
• Nick Rahall, West Virginia.
• Joe Sestak, Pennsylvania.
• Carol Shea Porter, New Hampshire.
• Ike Skelton, Missouri.
• Zach Space, Ohio.
• John Spratt, South Carolina.
• Charlie Wilson, Ohio.

It is not clear whether this signals they will vote "Yes" on Sunday, or whether this vote today was to curry favor with Pelosi and Obama and give them what they want on "deem-and-pass," while they still plan to vote "No" on Sunday. 


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