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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Democrats Decide Against Tighter Restrictions On Abortion Funding - 3/20/10

Fox News is reporting House Democratic leaders have decided against tighter restrictions on abortion funding, because they believe they have enough votes to pass the bill without support of the anti-abortion Democrats.

Fox News:

House Democratic leaders have decided against including tighter restrictions on abortion funding in the final health care bill, indicating that they believe they have enough votes to pass legislation without the support of anti-abortion Democrats.

Members of the House Rules Committee, which began deliberations Saturday that will set the terms for Sunday's expected vote in the full House, told Fox News that no changes would be made to the abortion funding restrictions contained in the Senate version of the bill.

Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., who has led the charge to include in the final bill tougher anti-abortion language passed last November by the House, postponed a Saturday morning news conference in which he was expected to announce a deal with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Stupak's office told Fox News that the news conference was postponed due to "scheduling issues," not because there was a breakdown in abortion talks.

On Friday, Stupak -- with eight Democrats and one Republican as co-sponsors -- introduced a resolution that would insert his abortion restrictions as a "correction" to the underlying bill. That would have added new complications to the already complex strategy Democrats are pursuing to pass the bill, requiring additional floor votes on a highly charged issue.

Stupak and his backer were hoping they had enough leverage to force the leadership to yield to their demand.

But Rep. Henry Waxman said Saturday that "the likely outcome" is that Speaker Nancy Pelosi will move ahead without the votes of a group of abortion opponents who want tougher restrictions in the bill against taxpayer funding for the procedure...More


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