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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer Fading in New Field Poll Against All GOP Challengers

All three possible GOP Senate Candidates in California are within striking distance of incumbent Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer, and one of them is actually ahead. In a new Field Poll, Tom Campbell now leads Boxer 43%-42%. Carly Fiornia is now just one-point behind Boxer at 45%-44%, and Chuck DeVore trails Boxer by only 45%-41%. Campbell is leading Fiorina by six-points for the GOP Nomination, with DeVore way behind.

The really ominous news in this poll is the lack of strength for the incumbent, Barbara Boxer. For her to not get beyond 45% of the vote against any of the three possible GOP challengers shows just how vulnerable she is.

You can get all the latest 2010 U.S. Senate polls and projections here, updated as new polls are released. We have kept California in the "Dem Hold" category for now, but if more polling shows the race as tight as this Field Poll, it will soon be moving to "Tossup." That would be a really bad omen for Democrats if California is in jeopardy.


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