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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Democrat Rep. Russ Carnahan Claims Peaceful Prayer Vigil was a Threatening Act - Video

Via Gateway Pundit

Here is a local news report on a peaceful protest in St. Louis this past Sunday against the passage of ObamaCare legislation. The report shows protesters holding a prayer vigil outside the office of Democrat Rep. Russ Carnahan. They had candles and a coffin. The coffin was to symbolize the deaths of babies that will result from ObamaCare through abortion, and the deaths that will eventually come from the inevitable rationing that results. They then took the coffin and prayed for Russ Carnahan outside his home on the sidewalk.

The reason this report is significant is because Carnahan is now claiming this protest was a violent act or threat because they had a coffin with them. Politico ran a story that the coffin was placed on his lawn, as if it was a threat. Yet, the local news report never said a word about anything being threatening or violent! And the media was there! Watch the report for yourself and see how violent these folks appear to be.


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