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Friday, March 19, 2010

Democrat Rep. DeFazio Switches His Vote on ObamaCare from "Yes" to "No"

In a shock to Democrats, Oregon Democrat Rep. Pete DeFazio has just announced he is switching his vote from "Yes" to "No" on the Senate Health Care Bill. Fazio voted for the House Bill last year. Fox News, which had put the "Whip Count" at just one vote short of passage, now has the gap back to two votes!

The vote tally on health care reform is starting to look like the Dow. Just when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seemed to be one vote shy of the 216 she needs for health care reform to pass, a Democrat who voted for the bill last year says he's switching his vote to no.

The opposition from Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., dials back the number of House members leaning toward voting yes to 214, and the number leaning toward voting no to 217.

DeFazio announced his opposition shortly after Ohio Rep. John Boccieri, also a Democrat, announced that he will switch his vote to yes, temporarily putting Pelosi within one vote of what she needs. . . . MORE


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