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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Charles Grassley Says the Bad Outweighs the Good in ObamaCare; Cites Obama Flip-Flop on Individual Mandate - Video 3/25/10

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Here is video of GOP Sen. Charles Grassley talking to MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell today. Grassley said that even though there are many "good things" in the new ObamaCare Law, the "bad outweighs the good." Grassley actually helped write some of the things in the new Law, and he pointed out that there could have been bipartisan agreement on many aspects of Health Care Reform. But the high taxes, the individual mandate to purchase health care, and the taking of $500 Billion out of Medicare make it a bad bill.

Grassley pointed out that Barack Obama opposed the individual mandate to purchase health insurance during his Democrat Nomination battle with Hillary Clinton. She favored it, and using the IRS to enforce it. Obama criticized her for that position. Below is a video of candidate Obama opposing the mandate to purchase health insurance, which is now the law of the land in ObamaCare:


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