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Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Blue Dog" Democrat Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin Says Use of "Deeming" Rule to Pass ObamaCare Will be "Poison" - Video 3/18/10

Here is audio of South Dakota "Blue Dog" Democrat Rep. Rep. Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin on a conference call today, where she said the use of the "Slaughter Rule" to ram Health Care through the House will be "poison" to the atmosphere of Congress, and will make it very difficult to ever get anything done in the future on a bipartisan basis:

"There’s also been talk about using a legislative maneuver called ‘deeming,’ which would consider the Senate bill – without a direct vote on the bill – it would consider the Senate bill ‘passed’ with changes. While deeming – like reconciliation – has been used by Republicans and Democrats in the past, the context in which it would be used in this case leads me to conclude that it would poison an already terribly partisan atmosphere and leave the Congress even less able to find bipartisan solutions to fiscal problems that are on the verge of becoming overwhelming."

Via NRCC Blog


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