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Friday, March 12, 2010

Analysis Shows Democrats Well Short of Votes to Pass ObamaCare in the House; Must Convert 12 "No" Votes

More evidence that the Democrats' Plan to ram ObamaCare through is in trouble. David Dayen at the liberal site Firedoglake, has been keeping a "Whip Count" on the votes in the House of Representatives for approving the Senate Health Care Bill. Right now, it does not look good for Obama and the Democrats.

According to Dayen's count (He's done a great job of laying it out), there are currently 189 "Yes" Votes, 202 "No" Votes.

"Add that up and you have 189 Yes and 202 No. Crucially, with the Stupak die cast, and the determination to go around him set, Nancy Pelosi and the leadership has a tremendous job ahead of them. They’re going to have to hold basically all the “Yes” votes from last time not associated with the Stupak bloc, and convert as many as 12 “No” votes. She says she has the votes, but I really don’t know if that can be done. . . ." MORE

Things could certainly still change. Pelosi has shown herself to be good at coming up with votes at the last minute. But even liberals are admitting it does not look good at this point for passage.


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