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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Time's" Joe Klein on "O'Reilly" Attacks Glenn Beck as Peddler of "Hateful Crap"; Calls O'Reilly a "Good Guy" - Video 2/1/10

Here is video of Time Magazine's Joe Klein on The O'Reilly Factor last night, where he was unable to name a single thing that Attorney General Eric Holder is doing well. O'Reilly contended he should be fired because of his terrible decisions regarding the handling of terror suspects, and for deciding to hold terror detainee trials in New York City. When O'Reilly challenged Klein to name one thing Holder is doing well, he was speechless. At one point, Klein asked O'Reilly, "What is your problem?" Actually Klein agreed with O'Reilly that there is a problem with Holder, but did not support firing him.

O'Reilly confronted Klein about his attacks on Fox News. Klein said there are "good guys" at Fox News, like Carl Cameron, Major Garrett and O'Reilly - but he also talked about Glenn Beck, with Klein attacking Beck as "peddling a lot of hateful crap."

The best O'Reilly could do in defense of Beck was, "But he's doing it in a funny way!" O'Reilly did point out that Beck is the second most popular TV person in the country, second only to Oprah.


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