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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Texas Rep. Ron Paul Wins 2010 CPAC Straw Poll; Romney Second with Palin a Distant Third

UPDATE: Here is video announcing the results of the CPAC Straw Poll:

Results are in for the 2010 CPAC Presidential Straw Poll. Texas Rep. Ron Paul has come out the victor, getting 31% of the votes. Mitt Romney was second with 22%, and Sarah Palin third with 7%. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty had 6% of the vote.

Ron Paul had a strong following at the conference, and he has always done well in straw polls and text polls. The more surprising result is that Mitt Romney outdistanced Palin by such a large margin of 22% to 7%. Palin refused an invitation to speak at CPAC, while Romney did speak. That could have hurt Palin.

But this is a very strong showing by Ron Paul, and it shows he could be a force in the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination Race if he decides to run. On the strength of this, we'll soon (next week) add him to our 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination Power Rankings at the bottom of our main page.

Update - Here's a more detailed breakdown:

31% Ron Paul
22% Mitt Romney
7%  Sarah Palin
6%  Tim Pawlenty
5%  Mike Pence
4%  Newt Gingrich
4%  Mike Huckabee
2%  Mitch Daniels
2%  Rick Santorum
2%  John Thune
1%  Haley Barbour
5%  Other
6%  Undecided


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