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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sen. Tom Coburn Delivers GOP Weekly Address on Health Care; Says Democrats are "Not Listening to the American People" - Video 2/27/10

Here is video of Sen. Tom Coburn (a medical doctor) delivering the GOP Weekly Address. He talked about the "Health Care Summit" with President Obama, and said he does not feel that Democrats are "listening to the American People."

Coburn said Republicans support "patient-centered" step-by-step reforms as opposed to the "Government-centered" approach being pushed by Obama and the Democrats.

Coburn said the main reason for the high cost of health care is that insurance and government bureaucrats have gotten between the patient and their doctor. Republican reforms want to change that, and restore the primacy of the doctor-patient relationship.

Coburn said last year the Democrats held "dozens of Democrat-only summits behind closed doors" that resulted in dirty deals to try and get the votes to pass ObamaCare on a partisan basis. He said Democrats now have a choice: To work together with Republicans to truly craft reforms that will help Americans, or to try and "ram through a partisan bill that will divide and bankrupt America."


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