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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sen. James Inhofe Calls for Investigation into "Global Warming Scandal"; Wants Al Gore to Testify - Video 2/23/10

Here is video of Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe slamming Al Gore because "every assertion that he made in his science fiction movie (on Global Warming) has now been disproven." Inhofe is calling the "Global Warming Hoax" the "greatest scientific scandal of our generation."

Inhofe is calling on the Justice Department to investigate what he calls "Climategate," the scandal of the "cooked science" used by Al Gore and others to set America on a radical path that would impact the U.S. Economy. He wants Al Gore to be called to testify about it.

Inhofe said we are now in the "9th year of a cooling spell," which he said is "driving them crazy" because it runs counter to everything they have been trying to sell to the American people.


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