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Friday, February 19, 2010

Rep. Ron Paul at CPAC Says Obama Administration Claims the Right to Order "Assassination" of U.S. Citizens that "Pose a Threat" - Video 2/19/10

(See 4:07 - 5:18 of the clip)

NOTE: Headline Updated to add "that Pose a Threat" to make it more clear.

Here is a video clip from Rep. Ron Paul's speech today at CPAC where he said the Obama Administration said in a hearing on Capitol Hill that they believe they have the right to order the "assassination" of American Citizens under certain criteria. Paul said they did not fully explain what that criteria is exactly, nor did they specify who exactly have the right to order assassinations of U.S. Citizens.

This is a question that ought to be clarified by someone at a White House Briefing.

NOTE: Paul did say that Administration officials indicated it would only be done to "bad guys" - people who "pose a threat." But Paul made the point that it is dangerous as a principle because of the way "bad guys" or "threat" could be defined depending on who is in power.


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