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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pelosi Evasive on Questions About Rep. Charlie Rangel's Ethics Problems - Video

Here is video of Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi taking questions about Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel's ethics problems. Pelosi has refused to do anything about Rangel's leadership of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee despite him being admonished by the House Ethics Committee for using corporate money to take junkets to the Caribbean. Rangel has blamed his staff, which Pelosi alludes to in her non-answer.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has some thoughts on what Rangel ought to do:

So, we guess the big question for Charlie Rangel these days is who he's going to fire.

Mr. Rangel is the 20-term Democrat congressman of New York and chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. On Thursday, the House Ethics Committee accused him of accepting corporate money for Caribbean junkets.

And Rangel reacted to the finding as any pol, long deep in do-do, would -- he threw his staff under the wheels of the bus. His "staff" knew of the improper graft, er, gift, er, contribution or whatever it was. "Hey, doooooods, you can't hold me responsible for the mistakes of my staff," he effectively said.

So, who are you going to fire for what you said could range from "wrong doing" to "errors" to "mistakes," Charlie?
Indeed, the ethics committee said it could not determine if Rangel knew. But his staff sure did. And Rangel had a responsibility to know whence the money came, it concluded. . . MORE


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