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Monday, February 8, 2010

MSNBC "Morning Joe" Crew Pile-On in Making Fun of Sarah Palin - Video 2/8/10

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Here is video of the MSNBC Morning Joe Crew collectively making fun of and hating on Gov. Sarah Palin today. It is a sight to behold how truly mean and petty a group of "professionals" can be toward a person they do not like.

From Joe Scarborough saying she just does not express herself like a top-tier Presidential Candidate, to Andrea Mitchell making fun of some notes she had written on her hand, to Chuck Todd calling her a quitter in a sarcastic tone of voice, it was total pile-on.

For someone they believe is a lightweight and incapable of becoming President, they sure do focus their attacks on her a great deal.


Anonymous,  February 8, 2010 at 8:23 PM  

I truely wonder if these people have one ounce of an idea on how completely elist and ignorant they look?

I have a couple of friends overseas that used to watch MS-NBS, they saw this nonsense, and were truely disgusted.

What I find pretty surprising is they have no clue how condenscending they are being to average american, dems and repubs and independents, when they lash out like fools against Sarah Palin.

And hence, with each episode like this, more and more millions of americans are tuning these people out.

Anonymous,  February 9, 2010 at 12:10 AM  

Top tier means telling the truth as simply as possible. Not like Obama and the flowery nonsense that he spins out which, in the end, proves nothing more than he's a compulsive liar.

Joe is slagging Palin but his bimbo co-host can't even get the founding fathers right. Joe falls for the convention MSM line about Palin and then, strangely, catches himself and gets cold feet. Have some courage Joe. Maybe if Pat Buchanan was there Joe wouldn't fall for the Palin bashing. Don't be a weak-willed twerp. Stand for something Joe.

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