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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mitt Romney a Victim of Air Rage on Flight Leaving Vancouver - Video Report 2/16/10

Here is a video report on news that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was the vicitm of Air Rage when he was physically threatened by an unruly passenger on a flight leaving Vancouver, Canada. Romney reportedly had asked the passenger to raise his seat up for takeoff after the man had reclined back toward Romney's wife, Ann. The man then reportedly became physically violent. The pilot returned the plane to the terminal and the passenger was removed.

The Globe and Mail has more details:

Republican politician Mitt Romney was physically threatened by a violent passenger on an Air Canada flight leaving Vancouver this morning.

Mr. Romney, who has been in Vancouver since Friday for the Olympic Winter Games, did not respond to the attack. Instead, he allowed the airline crew to deal with the incident, according to his spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom. . . . MORE


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