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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

McCain Challenger J.D. Hayworth Pledges to Serve Only "Two Consecutive Terms" in the U.S. Senate - Audio 2/17/10

Here is audio of the GOP challenger to Sen. John McCain - J.D. Hayworth - pledging to only serve two consecutive six-year terms if elected. Hayworth's pledge is designed to put McCain on the spot since he has already served 24 years in the U.S. Senate (first elected in 1986). McCain served two terms in the House prior to being elected to the Senate.

Hayworth said:

"No disrespect intended toward John, but it's obvious that he's just been in Washington too long and gotten too comfortable with the Washington establishment. It's time for him to come home and in that spirit, I pledge to only serve two consecutive six-year terms in the United States Senate. A total of 12 years, then it will be my time to leave the Senate to be succeeded by another citizen."

I would think the danger for Hayworth here is that McCain could say he is being very presumptuous to pledge he will only serve "two terms" when he has not yet been elected by the voters to one term. But Hayworth is clearly trying to take advantage of the anti-Washington sentiment among voters by highlighting how long McCain has been in Washington, and pledging to not become a creature of Washington by limiting his terms. We'll see how it plays in the long run.


Hangmann747 February 17, 2010 at 6:14 PM  

Hey Brian,

Keep in mind that is exactly what Fred Thompson said he was going to do and he did it. Two terms only! When he had the popularity in Tenn. to stay as long as he wanted.

I think two terms should be the Constitutional limit, but thats just my opinion!


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