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Monday, February 22, 2010

Howard Kurtz Questions Whether Fox News Contributors Should Speak at CPAC - Video 2/21/10

Here is video of Howard Kurtz questioning whether it is right for Fox News Contributors to speak at political conferences like CPAC. Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson, John Bolton and others either work at Fox News or are contributors on Fox News, and they spoke at CPAC.

CPAC is not a "Republican" event - it is a conservative event! Anyone who actually listened to Beck's speech knows he spent more time bashing the Republican Party than he did the Democrats (I don't agree with that, but he did). These folks don't give up their free speech rights by working at Fox News. At least they are open about their views unlike many in the so-called "Mainstream Media" who are just as opinionated but try to maintain the facade of impartiality.


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