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Friday, February 26, 2010

"Health Care Summit" Minutes Talking: Obama 119; All other Dems 114; All Republicans 110

Yesterday's "Health Care Summit" may not have resulted in agreement between Democrats and Republicans on reforming the nation's Health Care System, but it did reveal and confirm a lot about Barack Obama.

The supposed "bipartisan" summit designed to finally be a time for President Obama to "listen" to what Republicans had to say on Health Care and begin to work together with them on an agreement, was anything but a "listening" session by the President.

In fact, President Obama astoundingly talked more than all Republicans or all Democrats COMBINED! Here are the numbers:

233 - Total Democrat Minutes Talking (includes Obama)
119 - Total Minutes President Obama talked
114 - Total Minutes all other Democrats talked
110 - Total Minutes all Republicans talked

Do those numbers look like a President who wanted to listen to what the other side had to say? Obama did not believe his time should count as "Democrat" time because, he said, "I'm the President." Well, last time I checked he is a Democrat! His odd sense of balance resulted in a more than 2 to 1 advantage in the Democrat view being put forward in terms of talking time.

Obama brazenly had to comment after virtually every comment made by either a Democrat or a Republican, which resulted in him totally dominating the use of time. But, of course, that is exactly how he wanted it. And when he was not moving his mouth, his facial expressions did not indicate a man who was genuinely listening, but rather impatiently waiting until he could talk again.

This "Summit" confirmed:

  • Barack Obama already thinks he knows more than everyone else combined.
  • Barack Obama is completely self-absorbed
  • Barack Obama is very thin-skinned as evidenced by his condescending and arrogant responses to anyone who dared challenge him, or how Democrats have conducted the Health Care battle.
  • Barack Obama is an ideologue who simply does not care that the majority of Americans want him to "start over" on Health Care. He is determined to press forward because this is why he wanted to get elected - to radically "change" the nation's economy and health care system, remaking it into a European-style socialist state.

Obama said at the end yesterday that if Republicans do not essentially get on board with what he wants to do, "that's what elections are for." He's right. The Fall Mid-term Election will be a time to radically reverse what Obama and the Democrats are trying to do to the United States. Obama smugly believes the power of his own charisma and speaking ability will be able to pull it out for the Democrats. But he may find that the same broom that swept him into Washington, can sweep his party out. The pendulum always swings back, and it is on its way. Days like yesterday help reveal why it is going to happen.


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